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Our Products

Basic/minor electrical...

Ksh. 3,500.00 <p>We perform minor vehicle electrical repairs for most vehicle models.</p> <p>costs may Varry depending on work done and Vehicle model.</p>

Engine controll units s...

Ksh. 3,500.00 <p>We sell,Test,Repair and Re-program vehicle controll units for all types of vehicle models</p> <p>Costs may varry depending on the Work done and Vehicle model</p>

Vehicle diplays activat...

Ksh. 1,500.00 <p>We have all Navigation/activation discs for all vehicle models Displays systems</p>

Express vehicle diagnos...

Ksh. 2,000.00 <p>Get rid of unwanted dash board warning lights and Get a full health report for all your car systems including Drivetrain,Chasis and Body systems  </p>

Mazda smart key cards d...

Ksh. 12,000.00 <p>All Mazda smart keys and cards available at our shop in westlands</p> <p>price not applicable on all keys lost situation</p> <p>3 years warranty</p>

Toyota smart keys

Ksh. 8,000.00 <p>We have all Toyota models smart keys </p>

Nissan smart keys progr...

Ksh. 8,000.00 <p>We have all nissan models smart keys</p>

Batteries for most

Ksh. 500.00 <p>We have all batteries for most car remotes</p>

Subaru normal cut key

Ksh. 6,500.00 <p>Compatible with many later subaru models,,,normal cut plus transponder programming</p>

VW 3 button keys

Ksh. 17,000.00 <p>Compatible with most Volkswagen cars from 2003 to 2012 </p>

Subaru triangle key wit...

Ksh. 7,500.00 <p>Compatible with most  subaru models laser cut and with transponder programming</p>

Benz old 3 button ignit...

Ksh. 3,500.00 <p>Compatible with ML 320 AND 350 MODELS</p>

Toyota/lexus 12/40 key...

Ksh. 2,500.00 <p>Compatible with all lexus models andToyota harrier models</p>

Toyota 12/43 blade 2 or...

Ksh. 2,500.00 <p>Key Housing replacement for Toyota prado 120 series,Toyota hillux surf and other models with the above key shell</p>

Mercedes benz W203 KEY...

Ksh. 3,500.00 <p>Benz w203 short infrared key housing available</p>

Silicone Key covers

Ksh. 1,500.00 <p>SILICONE covers for most key housings available</p>

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